Action At Sea (WIP)

Action At Sea

Created for Major Production.

Action at sea is a Top-down Multiplayer Action Explorer. Where the player gets to control a ship and captures land.
In the midst of the fight you can purchase AI Ships to patrol your islands or follow you as a fleet.
Along with other enemy players, there are also Rogue AI Ships that will attack you.

As I was the only Artist working on this game, it gave me complete control over the Art Style.
I decided to go for a simple painted cartoony art style. I worked out a workflow that would work best and started.

Substance Painter allowed me to paint both Textures and Normal Maps while working with masks, this made asset creation a lot faster.
Quixel Suite was also great when you wanted to create more customized normal maps in NDO. 3DO gave great live previewing instantly.

Programs used: Maya, Substance Painter, Unity, Quixel Suite

Download Links:

Windows Build: Download - Google-Drive
Mac Build - Download - Google-Drive

In-Game Screenshots