07/02/2017 – Snowbawlin’ Unreal Game Jam

Having not done a game jam for quite some time, due to working on Dodge Academy. We (FrigidFire) decided to participate in Unreal’s December 2016 Game Jam.

After brainstorming and discussing what we set a scope on what we could achieve in the small timeframe. We set out and started on what later came to be called Snowbawlin’!

Snowbawlin’ is a multiplayer deathmatch game (2-4 Players Connected via IP) where you must destroy all your opponents to win.
You drive a Snowplough Truck around, collecting snow to destroy other players you can ram into them with speed or use your abilities.
As your collect snow, you will be able to use abilities. Each ability will use a different amount of snow and will give you a unique advantage.

Overall we were really happy with how it turned out. We achieved exactly what we set for our scope.
The gameplay could definitely be refined and fixed up, however we didn’t have the time.
It was also our first experience working with vehicles and tessellation for the snow.
I really enjoyed this game jam, the simple art style that was used and can’t wait to do another one!

If you would like to play it, you can check out the submission on UE4’s Game Jam Thread 

Below is a video of gameplay that Sam put together, along with a few renders and screenshots.

Truck Asset Render – Substance IRay


House Asset Render – Substance IRay


In-game Screenshot


Spectator In-game Screenshot – After death


Spectator In-game Screenshot – After death

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