06/02/2017 – Oil Painting


Last year I attempted to complete a few oil paintings. The overall experience was very rewarding as its right in front of you and not on a screen.
After doing these and learning, I will definitely do more in the future and can’t wait!

Autumns Morning
Autumns Morning was my very first painting.
The idea behind it is not original as you can see in the image below. (Click image for link)
This was primarily a challenge to learn and try something new; which turned out to be really fun and a great experience.
Going from digital where you can undo mistakes to physically painting was actually a lot more satisfying, as you really thing about each stroke and what how it impacts the painting.

Autumns Morning – My first painting


Reference painting


The Ever-bonding Belltower
The Ever-bonding Belltower was a completely original painting that I painted for my sister as a wedding present.
They got married at Mount Buller Chapel and the belltower in the painting is from there.
The main idea behind the painting was to show a couple, being guided by the light to reach their destiny to be together.
Being my second painting there were mistakes here and there and parts that I would like to change or re-do.
However the main thing is it’s done and I feel it still represents what I wanted it to.

The Ever-bonding Belltower
The Ever-bonding Belltower


Canvas Sketch before painting


Thumbnail sketch that was chosen

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