25/06/2016 – Digital lighting and compositing

The time has come and my final subject has been completed!

While working full-time I had to put off this final subject in order to have enough time to get everything done.

Over all, I wasn’t overly happy with the outcome as a lot more effort could have been put into it. However I know for next time to put more time and effort into it, as the VFX pipeline is something that I haven’t been exposed to much.

Final Assessment Breakdown. Further images lower.

We started off texturing, lighting and rendering a fruit bowl, then exporting it to Nuke to composite.

Test materials and render


Final Render *Image darkened due to lighting not being *


Depth of field testing – Nuke

Nuke – zdepth


Human skin lighting and rendering









(Skin images to be added)





Reference to recreate


Final output



Nuke node-tree


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