30/06/2015 – Game Jam – Alien Cocoon

I Did Epic’s June Game Jam which was a pretty good turn out. We completed all of the blueprints but didn’t get the AI in the level because there was no way to kill them which we instantly completed as we were submitting the game. Sooo you can expect an update on this one maybe.

I was surprised how much art I did get to put out for this and I also really liked the end result of it.

The lighting and some things were quite rushed since we were running out of time but we got it in


Here is the link to our post in unreal forums https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?73718-June-UE4JAM-June-25-28-quot-Earth-Shattering-Kaboom-quot&p=320792#post320792


Here is the download link if you want to play it http://www.mediafire.com/download/wu4iy … Cocoon.rar


Here are some screenshots from ingame:


This large hangar/warehouse thing was meant to be more populated with the assets you see


Hangar large hallway


Inner hallway


Radiation Room


Cave lookout



So as you can see we did quite a lot but its a little disappointing we didn’t get the AI in on time because it would add so much more to the gameplay.

I ended up making and rigging an alien for fun and for practice of the character creation, baking, texturing and rigging. Here is how he ended up haha

He was made in less that 1 day

Creepy alien

oh and here are some of the assets a little closer up

Alien Bomb




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