07/11/2015 – Interactive Gameplay Model – Greg, The Crab

Alrighty, thought I would do an update since it has been a while now.

Working fulltime and study is a little hard but slowly catching up.

So Term 3 subject that I started was Interactive Gameplay Model. At the start I wanted to do a tron-like female character which I still want to at some point, but then I had to move houses like 3 times along with other crap so I decided to do a Crab! Not just any crab the one from our Proof of concept class – Greg.

Greg 2D original concept

So then I sculpted Greg in zbrush to how I thought he would look, ending up with this below. I did want to continue and do some extra details but time constraints pushed me to go on.

ZBrush Sculpt

Then I got the low poly done and baked some normals.


I thought I would show the difference of what baking normals actually does to project the detail onto the mesh

After painting him in Substance Painter I continued on and get him rigged and into UE4

In UE4

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