07/11/2015 – Action At Sea Update #2

Also started my Term 4 Subject – Major Production. Which is going okay, I Just need to put some more time into it.


So we continued on from Action At Sea which is what you can see above in 2D. We have changed it to 3D and have been working on the multiplayer game mode.


NOTE: This is a WIP project the final game will look a lot different.


If you do want to play the game you can test the latest build here: https://build.cloud.unity3d.com/distro/install?id=-kMZPIIwOe

You cannot open this link on Google Chrome


Here are a few images of what I have been working on.


Menu scene blockout


Current Map Layout


Stay tuned for a better update on this, the main ship is slowly getting some progress but the new game is coming together nicely.


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