05/09/2015 – Bocket Unreal Game Jam

July Game Jam – Rocket and Roll (The one after June ) came along and we thought we would participate again. This time I came up with an awesome idea, which we plan to continue and are working on. This was a huge success and I couldn’t recommend game jam’s any more! They are beyond valuable to learning. To meet deadlines to creating an idea that would be fun to working in a team with source control and much more. It is just a great and fun experience working along side other motivated people.


In Bocket you can transform from a ball to a rocket and you must go through each checkpoint in a certain transformation to complete the level in the fastest possible time.


If you wish to try this game please download it from the UE4 Forums Where the full post is:



Use the download link here



If you have any feedback please do let me know what you think of the game. What you would change, fix, add, etc.

I might put the most up to date version up here (it has leaderboards, colour customization, level selection, few other tweaks that make the game better)



Level Example




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