05/06/2015 – Handblaster & Heart Defender

It’s been a while since I have done a personal project but here are 2 Game Jams I did with 1or2 friends over 2-4 days

(Note these were done quite a while ago now)


#1 – Handblaster

Handblaster is a First-person pvp game quite like counter-strike however different. You get boosts and have set classes where each have there own ability which had their own different hand weapon thingo.

We got quite far on this and I wanted to continue but we came to a halt with some multiplayer issues. I learnt sooooo much from this and cannot exaggerate enough how good game jams are to do. I did the map design, audio, modelling, particles and more this was a core factor to learning what I know now in UE4

This was a personal gamejam and it didn’t get uploaded, hopefully we will finish it one day the idea itself is actually quite fun when we played it.



Effect when shooting



#2 Heart Defender

Heart defender is a 3D wave based game, where you defend your heart from haters and hug them to gain them as allies. It is also another game jam done for the Love is a battlefield theme hosted by Epic games (Unreal)

Again with this one I did all the art (other than characters), I did the particles, music and SFX.

Here is a link if you are interested in playing it


Main Arena
Few Screenshots

Let me know what you think of the ideas if you have any thoughts cheers


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