05/06/2015 – Proof of Concept

June 5th, 2015, 2:32 am

Final update for now is!!!!! Proof of concept

Proof of concept is just awesome, you pick a students game and work on it! I ended up going with Reece Griffins. He’s an awesome guy and we work really well together along with the rest of the team!

I am really happy with what I have accomplished with this project having a little experience from previous subjects as you can see. This one is moving along a lot faster and I’ve done a lot more work in such a short time (part of the reason i’m behind in other subjects)


In week 3 I made a paper prototype, the game wasn’t even started at this point and the teachers wanted to see what the game was like, so I was assigned to make a paper prototype with little flash knowledge but it ended up quite good for what i knew! You can see it below.

It has been 3-4 weeks since we started and here is where we are currently up to!

Playable prototype: https://db.tt/z3z6Bckc


Here are some shots of where we are currently up to and what I have made.

Ship design

Below is the main menu connected to the How to play menu


Menu Layout


Top-down island test

I also finished the how to play menus. I won’t show them all but here is what one looks like.

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