05/06/2015 – Game Level Development Update #1

I’ve had a few ups and downs with Game Level Development and will admit that I’m still not 100% up to scratch with it, but am working towards it!

I started off wanting to do a dungeon and made a few assets that you can see below, they actually didn’t turn out that bad however I still decided to change for some reason.

Modular rock assets


Rock – Quixel


Rock tile


Thennnnn I was like …. omg! I have an amazing idea! Ill make a terrain! (friend and I wanted to make an openworld game so I was like hit 2 birds with one stone…)

and well… that didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted. The terrain itself wasn’t horrible, but it was the amount of materials and assets that was needed to complete it in time. I picked something wayyyyy too big. Here are some screen shots of the terrains I created.

World machine created terrain – Presented in UE4


Island terrain


Island in UE4

Soo now I am currently working on a cartoon like scene kind of like an arcade with all the little mini-games you can play. I feel I will get this done on time and also I am highly motivated to make it. Not only that but the workflow I have for this is quite fast and will work well.

The colours need some work but I’ve finished the table tennis table

Arcade blockout



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