05/06/2015 – Animation & Practice Production

So I’ve finished a few projects since last few posts, so here’s a little catch-up on some of the stuff I have made for the classes


I didn’t enjoy Animation principles a whole heap, mainly because I’m not a big animation person but I finished and passed it and here was my final animation



Practice Production

My second project for practice production was much much muuuuuchhh better, we didn’t have a programmer for our first, it just felt like a waste of time. However I did learn that pixel art wasn’t what I wanted.

I decided to research and find other ways to do 2D art, that I enjoyed and liked the look of. So I chose Inkscape.

The character was rigged and working in spriter very nicely, there was also just the tentacle from the kraken thing that would wave around as an enemy and you had to dodge. Sadly there wasn’t enough time to put the character in, which would have been awesome but ohwell! The game worked and we passed!


Here is a playable link to the game (NOTE: It will not work in chrome sadly)



Here is some work from the 2nd project from prac prod.

Evil Tentacle Boss


Character – Animated in Spriter Pro


Environment – Platforms with bubbling lava

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